Immigration advice

Hey guys,

Looking for some guidance in the immigration process. I’m a US citizen and my mom is currently visiting me, and would like to requests her green card since I don’t like how things are going in the country she lives in(she has a history of 10 years of coming and going for short or long stays in the US). Now I understand the process and the forms I need to submit. However I have 2 questions.

  1. Once she has her green card, would she qualify to apply for Obamacare or something similar?(I read mix info that she needs to wait 5 years after her green card is approved in order to receive government help)(she’s 56, and I know she can’t apply for any health insurance during the time she waits for her green card, unless is an employer who provides it)

  2. I owe 5k in taxes to the IRS, and currently have a monthly plan to pay it back. I could pay it all, no problem. However I have the money in some investments, and rather hold from getting the money from it. Will this affect me?

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