221 (g) Green Color slip

Hello all :)

I had my interview on 27 August. It was very short (less than 10min). The officer didn't ask me many questions about my husband and I relationship, just "when u met your husband, how long have u been dating". Most of the Qs were about my background and my parent's jobs if we were political or worked for gov. In the end, he passed me a green paper with 14 Qs (all about me, my employment history, my parents, my education, and my plans). He asked me to email the answer ASAP so they can process my application. Later I checked my status and it was refusal. I submitted all the answers the next morning (28 August), and on 30 Aug my status date has been updated but the status is still refusal.

Does anyone have the same experience? if you received green paper, pls let me know if it is good or bad? since they didn't ask me any critical Q during the interview, I am not sure if they just wanted to check my background or should I be worried that my case will be rejected? And one more thing is that they handed me all the original docs including my passport. They said in the future they will ask me to drop it off in the embassy (if it is required)

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