Kidnapped and viloated

Can ICE hold you in a motel room, feed you like a king, then fly you to different prisons far from yoyr family where u cant obtain legal help or ANY sort of advice or knowledge on what to do? Comsidering you just 18, you have no idea how the Imm. Law works... does it make it ok for them to hit you with a stipulated and throw you out without a proper hearing or say? And what sort of relief can one aim for in such a case? If any relief at all , Could it then be persuable enough for a lawsuit againt ICE for Due process rights violation and mental anguish perhaps? I feel like im still locked up and helpless sometimes. Mantally undeveloped. Helpless and overwhelmed. I go to court in October. Need some advice as to how to present my case and avoid removal.... God bless.

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