ESTA 'frozen' due to US Travel Ban


I am just looking for some advice.

I am a UK citizen, and originally had a flight booked from LHR - LAX in March time, but due to the US travel ban I have had to reschedule about 6 times. Due to being busy over the summer, (and being optimistic) I chose not to do the third country route that many people are using, and instead just kept moving the dates of the flights back.

Whilst in the process of changing my flights in August, I got a notification that my ESTA status had changed, and when I logged on it now states 'Application Expired.' (My expiry date was originally June 2023.) I know a lot of people who have direct flights booked from the UK - USA are having the same issue if they don't cancel their flights.

I have now booked to travel via Mexico for 15 days, so I am flying from LHR - CDG - MEX on 8th September on a Virgin Atlantic codeshare with Air France, and then I am proposing flying with AeroMexico from MEX - LAX on 23rd September, but in speaking to Virgin, they are unwilling/unable to help with my expired ESTA.

I have emailed CBP asking whether I should apply for a new ESTA, or try and get the airline to reinstate this ESTA, and they responded with a copy-paste message stating:

"Unfortunately, ESTA is unable to refund applications that are canceled due to this Proclamation. Travelers are encouraged to reapply, once the ban is expired. If you are subject to the Proclamation, you should cancel or postpone any travel until no longer subject to the Proclamation, or the Proclamation is rescinded.

If you believe that you are exempt from the Proclamation and are abroad, you may contact your local U.S. Embassy or Consulate for additional information of your options. You may also check with your airline for your options."

and they closed the question. (I did not ask about a refund, I simply asked if I should apply for a new ESTA or not.)

I have emailed CBP and the US Embassy again, but my question after all of that is should I apply for a new ESTA, or should I try and get this one reinstated? And if I should get this reinstated should I do that with AeroMexico when I am in Mexico?

To add to the complication I have applied for, and been provisionally accepted for Global Entry, and I don't want this to jeopardise my Global Entry application.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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