Visa waiver program (ESTA) for Polish national with previously denied visa

Hi everyone! My girlfriend is from Poland and in 2018 she was denied a touristic US Visa while living in the Netherlands. The reasons were, according to the embassy official, that they were not sure she was coming back to Europe. She was regularly and legally working in the Netherlands, renting a house, paying taxes, etc, but it was not enough.

From 2019, it is possible for Polish nationals to apply for an ESTA and go 90 days to the US visa-free. If she hadn't apply to the visa in 2018, she would be now able to get an ESTA and go to the US, so she was quite unlucky. So my question is: which are the chances that she can get an ESTA approved? Now, here you can read that:

" If you were previously denied a visa, or previously refused entry to the United States, or previously removed from the U.S., your ESTA application will most likely be denied "

However, the article mostly refers to people that became citizens of a new country, which is not my girlfriends case. There is similar information here. Also, as secondary question, have you maybe heard/do you know of any Polish national that has been rejected for a visa application but managed to get an ESTA?

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