I-693 medical exam - my awesome experience with Bay Area Doctor

Its that time when RFEs for medical needed to be responded ASAP and you are wondering which doctor can get you the reports fast. We had such a great experience with Dr. Peter Chung. I found him by search and reviews. If anyone in Bay Area looking for great service and fast response, I recommend Dr. Chung to you. Here's why I saw they are fast and great: - They take samples for blood and urine tests in same place, 👉 which means you don't have to schedule time for lab work outside and thus delaying your RFE response time. - They help you with filling I-693 if you need help. I filled myself and printed all pages of the form. - If any vaccination is needed, they will give the shot same day. All covered in their service fee. 👉You don't have to pay for doctor and lab provider separately

Everything will be taken care of in first visit.

  • They process and give reports in 5 to 6 days.
  • In case the doctor determines you will need additional checks (based on the results), they will discuss with you. (This doesn't happen with all)

Note: This is not a paid or sponsored recommendation. Everything above is out of my own interest in sharing best experience that I had with I-693 medical exam.

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