Worried about medical exam abroad. Apartment neighbors smoke marijuana every day.

My spouse has his medical exam abroad scheduled in 2 weeks.

Neither of us have ever smoked nor done any drugs.

At the end of July, a new person moved into the apartment next to us (along a shared wall.)

We've smelled marijuana daily from that unit, sometimes very strong -- for the past 3 weeks. Unfortunately for us, marijuana is legal in our state, and the management company of the building is useless in responding to our complaints.

We've also noticed some burning in our throats, some tightness in our chests at times. I noticed some tingling in my lips and "warmness" on my face at times. I don't know if some of that is real or imagined -- or induced by the extreme rage I feel for having to smell that on a daily basis.

We're also extremely worried that the marijuana (or god knows what else they might be smoking) might show up on a drug screening. We don't really have anywhere else to stay for the next couple weeks before our flight to my spouse's home country.

Are we getting worried and worked up over nothing? Or could this derail our 4+ year fight to get my spouse a green card?

Should we have my spouse take a drug screening prior to departing the US, just to be sure? What would we even need to screen for in addition to marijuana?

Incidentally, we've been really talking about buying our own house (without any shared walls), but have been putting this off, because we did not want to change our address during this whole immigration ordeal. USCIS/NVC/DHS etc have had enough trouble and delays in just doing their normal jobs, that we didn't want to throw a "change of address" monkey wrench into our process too.

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