work visas: countries where even if an employer sponsors you there is no guarantee you’ll get it (like the h1b in the usa)

int’l student, recent grad of usa university, on 1-year opt work authorization here! i’ve been doing research on the h1b visa in the usa and i know that not only is it $$$ for employers to sponsor you but even if they sponsor you and you apply, there is a low chance you’ll get it (some stats say 16%). this got me wondering - is the usa (and specifically the h1b visa, i know there are a ton of other work visas in the usa but i know the h1b is probably the most common) one of the only countries where this happens (even if an employer sponsors you you could still get rejected)? what countries are not like this (if you get sponsored by a company you basically always get it)? my friends in hong kong and switzerland were sponsored and got their work visas without much struggle but i’m curious about other countries!

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