US to Canada land border crossing


My brother is currently in the US on a work visa with an Irish passport. He is hoping to come to Canada to visit me in Vancouver from Seattle over the next day or two (all going well) crossing the land border around Bellingham.

I live in Vancouver and have my permanent residency and through this he has submitted an application to get written permission from IRCC to come and visit as an extended family member of mine, but we have still not heard back from IRCC on the application. He is double vaccinated and has gotten the required COVID tests in the US to enter Canada.

I know that yesterday the borders opened up for unessential travel from US to Canada for Amercian citizens and permanent residents, it doesn't appear to apply to people in the US on work visas.

I was wondering:

  1. Has anyone submitted the extended family member form to IRCC and how long did it take to get written permission back to enter?
  2. Has anyone in the US on a US work visa tried to enter Canada since the border restrictions were lifted yesterday? Is it possible or does the non-essential travel allowance apply strictly to Amercian citizens and permanent residents.

Any experiences on the above would be greatly appreciated! :D :D

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