U.S Citizen to marry Green card holder - both living abroad.

This is a bit of a complicated situation but I'm hoping to get some sage advice on this sub!

I (U.S Citizen) and my girlfriend (Italian but U.S Green card holder) have both been living in the Netherlands for about 4 years. She has been returning every year to keep her green card valid, but now we are planning to get married and my question is whether there are any special things we need to keep in mind to keep her green card valid or to change it to a different type of green card?

For example, I heard that we need to get married in the United states, however this would be considerably more complicated than getting married in the Netherlands. Is this really necessary or would getting a "US approved" marriage in the Netherlands be sufficient if we ever want to re-apply for her green card?

Additionally, if she were to let her green card expire (by not returning to the U.S every year), would getting a new one be faster since she's already "in the system"? Or would we have to go through a whole immigration procedure for spouse all over again?

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