Should I change my name?

So I’ve always gone by my middle name and it’s really annoying to explain to people every time so I finally decided to change it so my middle name could be my first name and get rid of confusion in the future but there’s something I’m worried about. I’m not a full citizen yet, I moved to the US seeking asylum and currently I’m a permanent resident (aka green card holder) and the rule is that you have to wait 5 years before you can apply to become a full citizen and my 5 year wait will be over in this December at which point I’d be able to apply to become a full citizen. My question is, should I change my name now so it can be finalized by December and I can apply for full citizenship with the new name or should I wait till I’ve become a full citizen and then change my name?

Just as a side note, I’ve already had my change once before. When we first moved to the US, they messed up my name on the official papers as they put my last name as my first name. I was a minor then and my dad change my name and fixed it but he didn’t think of putting my middle as my first name.

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