Question about ETSA....conflicting information?

Hi all, my partner is a UK citizen (currently living in abroad so ELIGIBLE to travel to US) and we want her to come visit me in the US. She's gotten an ESTA, but we're still a bit concerned about a few things and havent been able to find any clear answers online.

1) Does she NEED a flight out of the US to be permitted into the US?

2) Does she NEED 6 months validity on her passport (it expires 5months after her arrival date)? UK gov site says no, but an ESTA website says yes.

3) If her visa status were to change while in the US (ie we decide to get married, or she gets a transfer from her company to a US office) we assume she would have to leave and return under a new visa. Does anyone know for how long she would have to be gone?

4) Related to number 3, she's applied for a transfer with her company to their US office, and they are presumably working on that. Is it visa fraud if she comes to visit US on an ESTA, but then her transfer is approved and she needs to change visas? Assuming its fine, only asking because we have seen some scary stuff out there about visa fraud.

5) While here she will of course be continuing to work a bit online. I assume this is ok as long as she is paid in a foreign account?

Thanks for any advice/ help you guys can give!

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