Obtaining an American visa (Me, Native American), for my long term girlfriend (Hondorian)

Hello r/immigration,

For the past year, my girlfriend (Honduras) and I (American), have had a long distance relationship. In February of this year, I took a vacation to, Roatan, Honduras, where we spent two weeks together.

Our relationship is doing really well; however, I have some reservations about committing to marriage. She speaks English relatively well, but she is far from fluent. I worry about her being able to thrive here in the United States due to the large cultural and work/life differences. I am not financially rich by any interpretation of the word; however, I am well above the qualifying factors for a fiancee visa in terms of income and occupation.

Basically what is the legally/easiest/safest way for her to obtain a visa for her to come experience American life for approximately a month; I worry about obtaining a fiancee visa and we end up not marrying during the time she is here. Doesn't it make it much more difficult for her to obtain a fiancee visa in the future?

She has told me the US embassy in Honduras is backed up for visas for the next year and is not taking any applications at the time due to Covid/travel restrictions.

Looking for any advice,


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