Moving to US from Canada with existing employment

Hi there,

Have been googling and doing reading about the different visa types as I'm in the midst of trying to sort out my future as far as work and living situation goes, thought I'd post here in case someone with experience could fill in any blanks I have.

So for background, I work for a US based employer, going on 13 years of employment with the company. I work in IT, team lead for an infra/automation team, have been working from home full time for about 5-6 years now and this will be the case for as long as I choose to work for the company...I'm the only Canadian, everyone else is US based for the most part.

Won't go into full details of my history but was almost moved to the US by my employer in the past and that fell through due to economic factors/cutbacks at the time, and since then I've never revisited this with my boss. I'm now at the point of thinking of selling my current home in the near future and mulling around ideas of moving elsewhere, whether it be within Canada or US.

So if I wanted to do a self move to the US would the TN visa be the option I would elect to go? This would bank on my boss being okay with me relocating to the US and I of course would need to be paid in US dollars, etc.

Is this not possible on the basis that I would essentially be wanting to stay long term and it's a self elected move? There would be no timeline on me going back to Canada as I can essentially work from anywhere remotely. And from what I've read I don't think the L1 visa would be an option outside of my work moving me/being in a managerial role.

Slightly different situation of moving to the US for work, I'd be coming with existing work. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks

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