Last night in Turkey

It was a very tough night even I'm not nearby the area. It was quite painful follow the news. Me and most people remembered the events of 6-7 September. Maybe you know it as "Istanbul pogrom". It happened almost 70 years ago. But many people didn't forget. We live with shame but not everyone of course. So last night was disgraceful, again. Syrians have been living in Turkey for like 10-11 years. Syrians have been living in Turkey for like 10-11 years. Different events happened too, but not like this. Probably you know, Afghanistan's situation is very complicated last days. USA's government decision and Taliban etc. Eventually Afghan people started immigrate to Turkey. We don't know exact numbers and people status. Cause government says nothing and they do nothing at all. Turkey has a bad economy, people are broke and also Covid-19 was very hard. This still going on. Specially last 5-6 years the people very angry. The government is divided people. One side is nationalist or country lover the other side is a traitor. Of course it's not true. They have a bad times and they don't want lose their positions. But they made it. Every argument is turn to fight. Everyone accuses the other side. But always government found a way be right. They have power and they have media. They succeed manage the people lead their desired way. They make the opposition parties hostile. All this, incited people against immigrants. There are always racist people. Turkey's problem is most people didn't know that they are racist or they are deny. Opposition parties find a chance this immigration problems and they been racist. The main idea, (was what they want most) is to make the government look bad. They did a little bit success. Also, I don't say the government not racist they was just quite little bit silence. Then they started too. These was the background. The night before Syrian group and two turkish people had fight and one Turkish man died. The next day these events happened. They attacked people's homes and shops. Some people's wounds, people hung the Turkish flag so that they would not attack their houses. By the way, most of them was Turkish. Police was ineffective but it was a intended. Now the government can do whatever it wants. They probably blame the opposition parties. Also they have send message the EU. The government has always used this as leverage. I'm afraid of there may be other events. The immigration problem is the world's problem, is our problem. The world should not leave this to these filthy and self-seeking people.

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