L1B to TN to marriage - please help

Hi everyone, hope someone can help me before I pay immigration lawyers.

I am currently in the US on the L1B visa. I am Canadian citizen and recently I got another opportunity and company wants me to obtain a TN visa. I am engaged to a US citizen and my fiance and I are planning to get married next year in June. I have couple questions:

  1. I dont want to hide my intention to stay in the US since I am getting married and dont want to go back to Canada - will this impact my TN visa approval if I tell them my plans and explain my situation?
  2. Is getting TN visa going to impact my marriage naturalization? My understanding is that it is easier to get papers through marriage if you have L1 visa vs TN visa?

I dont want to complicate my life so should I not pursue this opportunity and stay on my L1B until I get married?

Please advise. Thanks

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