Just submitted my O1 petition as a PhD chemist and my STEM-OPT is expiring at the end of September. What are my chances?

Hi all!

First of all, thanks for taking your time reading through my post.

I have a PhD in Chemistry and currently lawfully employed by a large life sciences company in California. I am currently on my STEM-OPT, which will be expiring at the end of September 2021. My attorney and I just submitted my O1 petition with premium processing on Monday 8/9 and it was received by USCIS yesterday (8/11). The criteria that I met for my O1 petition was 6 recommendations letters from academia and industry, 6 publications in peer reviewed journals with 50 citations, my high wage at $100,000, and employed by organizations and establishments that have a distinguished reputation.

I do understand that I'm running really short on time and there's absolutely nothing we can do at this point. I was wondering if any of you had any thoughts on my chances of getting approved for my O1 visa petition and continuing my current employment through the end of September.

Thank you!

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