Immigration attorney keeps missing deadlines

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Hi, I'm a European in the US currently filing for a green card. I'm a biology PhD producing high impact work and my attorney felt it would be relatively simple for me to be granted a green card through self-petition EB-2 NIW.

I did my side of the work (recommendation letters and scanning certificates etc) in a couple months. The attorney said once I did my part it would only take 2 or 3 weeks. At first I was emailing both the paralegal and the attorney, but it's been just the paralegal for a while now. 9ish weeks ago she told me it would just be a couple weeks. She sent me an edited version of my covering letter to resign and scan. Then another couple weeks. Then I asked how long it would be and she said everything was nearly done, just need to sign an edited version of my covering letter. Turned out to be the same letter from 2 weeks ago. She apologizes. Then she says my degree certificates need to be verified because they didn't come from USA institutes - I read that UK degrees don't need this but I go along with it anyway and pay the $200 fee to just get it done faster. Then another 2 weeks and I email again and she sounds annoyed saying "We expect to file early next week. Thank you for your patience." Well it's now Friday of the next week.

What should I do next? I'm worried that if I complain too much or CC in the attorney that they will torpedo my application and slow the work. This is taking way longer than expected and I'm disappointed with the lie about how long it will take. I can be patient - if it's going to take another month, fine, just tell me that. I'm pretty sure this isn't a scam as I paid credit card on LawPay and the website and addresses all seem legit. I mailed them documents and they show up on the registry for the region with he correct details.

What would you suggest?

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