I'm currently a service worker in the government of afghanistan and I'm afriad i would be killed tomorrow by the taliban if I didnt seek aslyum

As the title shows, with the current situation in Afghanistan everyone is panicking especially government workers. I work in the presidential palace AKA (Arg) i work as an service worker. My job is basically a waiter who tends the guests of the palace. Government workers have always been a primarily focus of the taliban to kill, they don't care about the position of the employee as long as he/she works for the government which they can identify by your biometric or an id card issued for every ARG employee. With the current situation everyone is at fear that they would be killed, myself included. Just in the past week so many personal drivers of certain boss's/supervisors have been killed either by shooting or remote bombs. I'm asking if there's any country that i can apply too for political aslyum remotely since so many embassies are clearing out ASAP because the situation is esclating rapidly. At the moment im considering if i can apply for a political aslyum to canada. I can prove that I'm currently working in the government and that my life is in serious danger if the taliban invaded the whole country tomorrow night and found out that i used to work for the government. Thank you

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