E2 Visa Stamping

I Came to USA in November 2020 on B1B2,I baught a legitimate Business here in USA & I Did AOS with E2 Back in March2021 & got my I129 Approval in April 2021.My Family E2 Dependent I539 Biometric Has been Done Waiting For the Approval (Delayed due to Heavy Backlog)..I m a Businessman & Now need to Travel to Pakistan for to Look After my Pakistan office for Couple of weeks…I took E2 Visa Appoitment in Pakistan end of this Month,i know this Action is very Risky most of the people Avoid to do that but I can’t afford to just sit here & having traveling restrictions on me.I m just Afraid if I get refused by the Embassy (Nothing is Guranteed) what will be my next Line of Action , what are the option available for me & my faimly (by the way my family & kids are not going with me).

I hope & pray everything goes Well but need to be prepared for the worst.

Need Suggestion


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