Unfortunately, things didn’t work between me and my wife. It has been a year since receiving my conditional Green Card, and we decided at this point that we cannot be together anymore. The marriage was entered in good faith and I believe i have enough evidence to prove that (lots of pictures from us, pictures of me and her family, apartment leases, bank account statements).

She (my wife) already said she wants to help me obtain the extension of my green card, by writing a letter of her side, saying the marriage was legitimate and that unfortunately (for reasons I won’t describe here out of her privacy) things did not work out. Her mom also offered to write a letter attesting to everything, and she has been very close to my wife and i throughout the time we have been together.

Despite everything, we are still very good friends, and it’s nice to be able to have both hers and her family’s support through this.

I was wondering if besides the documents mentioned above, along with letters from family, is there anything else i should include when i do send my application?

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