Confused about “intent to domicile” and I-864. Is it worth using a service like Boundless for our Affidavit of Support paperwork?

We’re doing the CR-1 for my wife. I’m a U.S. citizen but I’ve been living and working outside of the U.S. for almost 10 years, and my wife has never lived or worked in the U.S. We both work for foreign companies with no U.S. branches, so unfortunately we will have to quit our jobs when we move to the states.

However, we anticipated this, so we do have enough funds in cash to count as assets to where we don't need a joint sponsor. We can easily show printouts of our bank accounts, but I’ve also heard that savings aren’t enough, you still need to show intent to domicile - which unfortunately I have almost none. I pretty much only have a U.S. bank account, IRA and online brokerage account. As I haven’t lived in the U.S. for almost a decade, my driver license has expired, and we’d be moving into my parent’s house at first to get settled, so we can’t rent an apartment outright and won’t have a lease. I work in an industry where no one will be willing to hire me sight unseen, so unfortunately I also can’t land a job in the U.S. before moving. The country we live in now, also pretty much cancels all of your mandatory health insurances and taxation plans etc within a month once you “de-register”, so it’s also not an option to de-register before my wife gets her green card.

Aside from the “intent to domicile” issue we have a pretty straightforward and simple case (though we did make a mistake on my MILs birth city on our I-30 which I'm not sure if we need to correct asap or not), and I’ve heard mixed reviews about boundless and how they can actually be slower than doing it yourself, but we’re stuck on this part of the process. Any experiences or advice?

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