A Safe Haven

I'm Lebanese, barely 20 years old and dreading each following day. My beautiful country has been in a crisis for about two years now and things are getting worse with each passing second. Huge inflation where before the crisis 1 USD = 1 500 Lbps and now during the crisis the USD rate changes every day controlling every Lebanese citizen's life . For example , today the rate is 1 USD= 19 500lbps . Lack of medication in pharmacies and its near impossible to pay the prices of them if available. I'm not going to talk about how expensive food is because its just sad. No fuel therefore lack of electricity everyday in this killing summer heat and as winter approaches i wonder how we will survive the cold. High levels of unemployment and minimum wage is 30 dollars. All because of a corrupted system filled with power hungry individuals. I have no money to my name in a struggling family because almost no job opportunities , as a university student that is failing because of daily obstacles that shouldn't exist and a mental state that i wish upon no one. I've been trying to look up what country would hold a better future but it all seems out of reach as i have no money and no one as a reference in any country. Is there a way to immigrate to a country that can provide basic human rights without many requirements? I'm in desperate need of help and guidance. Regardless of how rooted i am to my country, i need to save myself and my future .

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