A lebanese citizen looking for immigration

(urgent) Hello, my name is Houssam. I'm 22 years old and I've been living here on my own in lebanon for 5 years. I grew up in saudi arabia because my parents moved there because of the civil war going on in lebanon, but i had to move because my father couldn't really afford paying for my school and was heavily in debt. They're still there but their situation is terrible. We lebanese people are treated terribly in companies in saudi arabia and my family has been suffering there for a long time and it's so unfair. The situation in Lebanon has been going from bad to worse forever it seems. And it feels like there's no where to run. The salaries here are as low as 26 dollars!! All the money I've saved up to pay my school debt I've spent on SURVIVING here, and i just can't bare living here anymore. I'm pursuing a career in mixed martial arts, and i can't even go to the gym anymore cause the public transportation is so expensive to the point where i quit my job because i put my salary on transportation and electricity only. There's nothing more i hate than asking for help, but if no one helped me, I'd never have quit being a drug addict. I have little as 300 dollars saved up. Please if anyone can atleast point me to somewhere that would help me immigrate I'd feel really grateful. Running outta options here.. I'd go anywhere..

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