Worried about my past affecting my visa application

Hi all.

My background:

I'm an Iranian 23 years old. I previously studied A levels and entered an university in the UK. However during the second year of my studies corona started and it caused my brain ( for lack of a better word) to re-develop a mental disease I was cured of years prior to corona. (its called PGAD) At some point I was no longer able to continue study and live on my own and treat my disease. So I had to withdraw from my course and go back to my country to seek help. I have now re-learned how to control my disease ( because it has no cure doctors taught me how to control it) and wish to continue my studies abroad since the courses I want to study are not available in my country. my disease was documented in a UK hospital and in my country.

My question:

whether the fact that I withdrew from my course and left the UK will affect my future student-visa applications?

Thanks a lot for reading guys.

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