How accurate is the US Visa Appointment wait time estimate for your Embassy/Consulate?

I’m trying to get an non-immigrant employment based Visa. I already have my I-129 approved, I just need a visa stamp.

Looking at the appointment wait times page (, these are the wait times I’m getting:

Visitor Visa - 450 Calendar Days Student/Exchange Visitor Visas - 5 Calendar Days All Other Nonimmigrant Visas - 5 Calendar Days

I was really excited when I saw the wait time to be only 5 days long (barring some potential delays), so I went ahead and tried scheduling an appointment.

To my surprise, the first available date is in June 2023, which is completely out of touch with the estimate provided earlier.

Could someone please chime in on the estimates of other countries, and the date of the first appointment that can actually be scheduled?

Thank you in advance,

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