26/F American, Currently in Bulgaria. Hoping to get ANY EU visa.

Hi all. My partner and I left America about two months ago and now have only one month left on our ‘tourist visas’. We’re scrambling trying to find a way to stay in Europe for longer than 3 months. We’re in Bulgaria, working in exchange for room and board for a woman who owns an Icelandic company that isn’t registered in Bulgaria. She’s never done any of this before, so we’re at a loss for how or what type of visa we can get.

From what I’ve seen online it doesn’t even sound possible without a lawyer and the last one I contacted wanted to charge 900€. We can’t afford a lawyer so that isn’t an option, she offered for us to stay in her home in Iceland until we find jobs in Europe but I think it’ll be easier to find work once we arrive.

More info: We’re African American,and both could be considered semi-skilled laborers — we’ve worked in restaurants, on farms, construction, sales and customer service etc.

What should we do when our visa expires?

Edit: Bonus points for warmer countries, my SAD is struggling here.

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