A B2 (Tourist Visa) befor applying for tht IR-1.

I, American, lives in Colombia with my wife. I do not want to start tht CR-1/IR-1 visa just yet because I want to be eligible for tht IR-1 at the time of entry. We were just recently married. Nov 2021.

I need to go back to tht USA to run some errands. Renew my ATM and credit cards. Booster shit of covid. Sell my car. Those sort of things.

But i would like it if my spouse came so she can visit my parents. The issue is that she doesn't have much ties to Colombia. It would be a red flag in my head. Based on what I have read from tht internet. I thought if I was with her that whole time that they would cut some slack. Because I need to return back to Colombia to keep my own visa active. I can't stay out of the country for more than 6 months. So basically babysit her and make sure she returns back to Colombia.

Tht problem is that the waiting time here in Bogota is over 600 days for an interview and by that time I can file for the IR-1.

Do you want think it would be worth the money to apply for a tourist visa? Also, if she was to apply for a B2. Me going with her on that same trip would not make any difference for acceptance?

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