[US] Want to join LTR asap. Which visa? H1b vs J1 vs L1 vs EB2

Hi all, I'm seeking advice on what visa category should I try go for.


  • LTR lives in the US under a O-1
  • Currently MIA/FLL area but is flexible between that and NYC
  • Distance will eventually destroy the relationship, I want to give a good try at immigrating to the US before discussing her comeback to Europe (max autumn if no progress on my side)
  • Currently can visit few weeks here and there under ESTA and work remotely, but not sustainable
  • I am a mainland EU citizen (she is from my same country)
  • Both in high-end careers - $200k+ type of jobs
  • I graduated from business school (MBA) in July 21 (so I would still qualify for a J-1)
  • I would not qualify for a O-1, but could for a EB-2
  • We would not necessarily plan on staying long term in the US but would still try convert to green card if given the chance (never know what opportunities might arise, especially in the States)
  • I work for a US company out of the UK office
  • Constantly work with the US because the demand is much higher and they plug the gaps with Europe staff/contractors while ramping up their hiring

So keeping in mind that my number 1 priority is to be there as soon as possible, I could do any of these things - what would you think is the one that makes more sense:

  • Wait for the 1 year employment mark (Sept.) and try for an L-1. However I don't see myself working for them long term, so I would rather:

  • Convince them to enter me in the H1B lottery this year, and look for another job to transfer it once I'm in the US (assuming positive lottery outcome)

  • Find a J-1 sponsor as a recent higher-ed graduate and have a shot at the H1b next year. I guess being physically in the US would make find a H1b sponsor easier (even if it's not the same as the J1)

  • Find an H1b sponsor different than my employer given I visit my gf here and there I'd be able to network and interview in loco, but I understand this is very difficult (especially if you are geographically constrained), and I can't be entered in the lottery by two employers at the same time

  • Directly find an EB-2 sponsor but I understand this is close to impossible and anyway processing times are ridiculous even with a NIW or a premium processing (since you can't do them together)

  • Anything I missed?

Thank you to anyone who will take the time to read and respond!

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