Got the job offer from a large company in the USA but no response from immigration firm

I have been offered a Science related position in huge multinational industry in the USA. Very good salary and benefits. After accepting the job offer and clearing the background check, the next step was meeting with the immigration lawyers.

In this sense, three weeks ago I had a meeting with the third-party immigration law firm that represents this company. Before this meeting I was super-excited, but sadly all my expectations went down after that meeting.

According to them, O1 is my only Visa option. Despite they didn´t say "you have no chances", based on their reactions after hearing the answers to their questions, I am assuming my chances are pretty low. Right after the meeting, I filled a form listing everything related to O1 Visa (publications, work history, prizes - only description, I have provided no documents) and since then I have been patiently waiting for their response for over 3 weeks.

Q1 - Is O1 really my only Visa option? I understand that H-1B is out of the question due to the lottery and timeline.

Q2 - Why would it take so long to either say they are not applying for O1 Visa or asking for evidences to compose the petition?

PS: I was born and live in South America, have a PhD, 3 published papers (100 citations in total), 10 years of industry experience, and European citizenship.

Any thoughts are appreciate, my anxiety is killing me.

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