Impact of recent interview waiver announcement on H1B stamping (India)

I came to US on F1 Visa in 2017. Since then I travelled to India once in 2018 when I was still on my Student Visa. I got my H1B approved in 2019 but haven't travelled to India since then. I might need to travel to India sometime in next few months but I am bit confused about the stamping process. The US Consulate website shows that not all the consulates in India are fully open yet and those that are open are only available for Emergency appointments (what qualifies as an Emergency appointment is bit vague). There also aren't many slots available even at the consulate offices that are open.

How does the recent announcement regarding interview waiver impact my stamping process? I previously was never refused a Visa. Do I still need to schedule an interview slot and then hope that the consulate waives my interview? Or can I just skip scheduling the interview process with the US Consulate because of the interview waiver announcement?

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