We might have left out an important question in I-129F (K-1) and now freaking out

OK I am having a little freak-out moment right now and asking for your opinion.

I was checking the I-129F PDF we filled out electronically. After filling it out electronically, my fiancé scanned it and manually filled out the empty fields with "N/A"s etc.

I noticed that in the PDF version we did not check the 53rd question, which reads as "Have you and your fiancé(e) met in person during the two years immediately before filing this petition?" I know it's one of the two requirements for I-129F approval so I really, really hope my fiancé checked this box after printing out the form. We did write in Number 54 that we met in person in November 2021, and we also mentioned that in our letter of circumstances of meeting, and provided his boarding passes to Turkey.

In this case, what can happen?

I now wish we scanned the I-129F after we manually filled it... We have already received our NOA-1.

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