University Graduate in Canada Wanting to Move to the States

hello, i am in a tough position and need any possible advice.

I am from Libya, I moved to Canada with a student visa, I graduated got a work permit, and started working. I need to move to the states to be with my girlfriend. I have been applying for jobs in the states but got nothing but rejections so far. My current company doesn't have an office in the states so they can't do anything. My girlfriend is having a serious surgery and couldn't do it in Canada, I have applied for a visitor visa around a year ago and it hasn't even been reviewed, they simply took my application, took 200 bucks and never got back to me. is there anything I could do to get to the states?

what is the fastest way? could I apply for grad school in the states? applying for jobs in the states seems pointless but is it worth it at all? is there a point? getting married is an option but it's too special of an occasion to be used as a tool to get in the states so I want to avoid that if possible.

any information would be greatly appreciated

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