Vaccine requirement for non immigrants - Please be nice

throwaway for obvious reasons - whenever this topic is brought up people get emotional and fail to use rational thinking.

I am pretty upset over the requirement for non-immigrants to be vaccinated for air travel and soon land border crossings.

I have other vaccines and am not a vaccine denier or anti vax. I am however extremely hesitant with this Covid Vaccine. I can assume the reason for the blanket vaccine requirement implemented by Biden administration is to control and limit the flow and entry of covid-19 strains into the US. If that is the case, why not make EVERY air travel passenger required to get the vaccine, even US citizens and residents.

I don't even want to get started on how even FULLY VACCINATED people carry, transmit and expose the virus just as easily as unvaccinated people do as we've seen with Omicron.

I am quite happy to be tested multiple times and quarantine for 14 days upon entry, hell, ill even get tested 3 times before, during and after travel AND also quarantine for 14 days, these measures would do a much better job of reducing COVID cases entering the US, what's the point of the vaccine requirement if you still can carry and transmit and you STILL have to get tested before flying. the vaccine seems pointless in all scenarios to me. - all these options don't require me to put something in my body that never leaves.

I would love to hear some peoples thoughts on this and have a civil discussion. Please respond with respect and don't be rude to me, I just have an opinion and I would love to hear yours

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