How Can My SA Girlfriend Stay in Ireland Permanently?

Hi Guys, I'm looking for advice because I'm starting to panic over this issue, and any advice would be fantastic!

My South African Girlfriend has been living and working in Ireland as an Au Pair for approximately a year and half.

At the end of April 2022, her Au Pair contract will expire and she will have to return to South Africa. At first, we where fine with this as it was supposed to be just a month back in SA so she can see her family etc. but now I'm very worried that she won't be allowed to come back and live here.

She's been trying to contact Irish Immigration to figure out what she needs to actually stay here, work, live and become a citizen but we're getting scared now as we can't get anything from them or we're always put on hold and time is running out.

I don't think I can bare being separated from her for months and months and she feels the same. Things aren't good for her in SA.

What is the right move here? What process can we start so that we can feel a bit more secure in our situation?

Thank you all so much!

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