Moving to America without a sponsor.

Hi all. I have a bit of a complex situation here, bare with me. I(US citizen) met my fiancĂ© (UK citizen) online in 2020, we dated all the way through the pandemic, then in October 2021, he traveled to America to see me. His travel waiver is expiring but we do not want to be separated again so we are currently considering our options. We would like to go back to the UK for a year or so, and start some kind of immigration process but the worry is, I’m a years time, I will not have a sufficient income to sponsor him anymore as I won’t be working while I’m gone, so K-1 and spouse visa won’t work. Is there an option that we can start, maybe right away if needed and not need a sponsor or prove last years income instead of at the end of the process. Or is our only option staying in America, getting married after the 90 day rule and filing change of status? Obviously this wasn’t our intention when he came to visit, but at this point separation is the only thing that isn’t an option anymore. Thanks for your help in advance! Sorry if I left out anything vital, all of this is a lot to try to understand.

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