Paid the DS-160 fees, unable to find slots in my home country. What will happen if I stay put in America after my Visa expires, but I have a valid I797?

So I paid 190$ DS-160 fees without realizing how bad the situation is WRT getting a dropbox slot.

I am on an H1b visa in America and it is valid till July of next year. I have an approved I-797 that is valid till 2024. I think my DS-160 fees are valid for an entire year. I am already in America. What happens if I stay put here in the country till 2023 when I can find a slot easily.

I can renew my driver's license using my I-797 in New Jersey right? I don't think my landlord has ever checked my visa. I don't think I would be breaking any law by not getting the stamping done. With the whole Covid thing, I actually detest the whole idea of taking a 24-hour flight halfway across the world to see my parents who I see almost every day on WhatsApp anyways.

Even my lawyer told me that it is not necessary for me to exit the country after the visa expires.

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