Is it legal to apply for a US B1 visa from 2 countries at the same time?

Hi everyone! Made a reddit account just for this because I'm not sure who to ask regarding my concern and also because opinions of visa agencies differ. I hope this is the right place.

Short version: Can an expat apply for US B1 visa from the country they are currently in AND their home country? / Can you apply for US B1 visa from 2 countries at the same time? Is this a red flag for the consular officers and can they see I applied from 2 countries?

Long version:I hold Indian citizenship but I've currently been staying in the Philippines for the past 4+ years. I wanted to apply for a US B1 visa for the purpose of doing an observership related to my career. Unfortunately the situation for B1 visa appointment wait times in both the Philippines and in India are roughly more than a year!I already applied and was able to get a interview date in early 2023 at the US embassy in the Philippines. I figured that since i've been staying here it would be better to apply from here instead of traveling to India. On the other hand, a lot is at stake if I'm denied the visa after waiting for so long.

So, is it okay to apply for another visa appointment in my home country India as a backup, even if I already have a appointment in the US embassy at the Philippines? What would you suggest me to do?

Thank you so much!

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