Switching job when H1B visa renewal is coming up

I am thinking of switching my job, mainly because of green card sponsorship.

Long story short I start at my current position 2 years ago and my company is telling me they used the job description for the position above for my PERM and now I have to wait till I get a promotion so they can file the I-485 (I already have a approved I-140). My manger said he will try push for a promotion this coming review cycle in July. But not the current cycle in Feb. Even then a promotion is not guaranteed.

So I have been thinking of switching to a different company that is willing to hire me and then sponsor a green card right away. I understand they will have to restart the whole process again but at least my green card will not be tied to my promotion.

But there is another issue, my H1B expires in 2022 so my current employer will have to apply for a extension. Is it a good idea to switch jobs in this position? Also what are your thoughts on the whole green card situation?

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