Withdrawal of application for admission

Hi! I am a USC and my husband is a Canadian citizen. We did not know about AOS when he was in the states and so he left on the day his visitor visa expired. When he tried to come back to the states the officer tricked him & stated that he took clients while in the states. He was not banned but offered to withdraw his application for admission. It has now been 7 months since this happened and we are wondering if he can come back to the states? When it happened, the officer told him to just wait a couple months and he would be ok but I feel he was being disingenuous. Also, a lawyer recommended advance parole but he is outside of the states. Would advance parole be appropriate? & has anyone withdrew admission from the states and attempted to go back later? What was your experience? Any advice would be helpful! We have 9 month old baby & we need to be together. We filed i130 in June 2021 so it will be awhile before we are approved.

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