Considering Moving to the U.S. from Canada

Hi all, looking for some thoughts to help me evaluate a move to the U.S.

29(M), a dual citizen who grew up in Canada, now making around 110K (CAD) annually in tech, and have been steadily increasing YoY. After shopping around, Opportunities in the U.S. sit roughly at 110-150K (USD) for the role that I am in currently.

In regards to investments, I currently have roughly 30k in an RRSP, the rest sitting in a savings account, uninvested. For the RRSP, I understand would really be locked in and untouchable until I retire or otherwise return and retire, unless I withdrew, took the hit, and brought those funds with me across the border.

I have used our healthcare system here in Canada a few times for major surgeries due to some pre-existing conditions that are hereditary (these same conditions would also likely impact my children in the future, which is something I am taking into consideration as I evaluate the situation).

When I think about the prospect of moving to the U.S., I am interested in:

  1. The pay bump
  2. The increased opportunities from a larger company pool
  3. The reduction in filing requirements due to residing in the US and the ability to use a non-retirement account for investing without double taxation (ROTH)
  4. Additionally, I am young and am curious about what life could be like in the U.S.

When I think about what concerns me about the movie: the news.
There, I said it. As a Canadian, I feel like I have been flooded with sensationalized U.S. headlines for the past 20 years.

I have been to the U.S. many times and have loved my time stateside, however, there is a piece of me that certainly wonders if moving to the states would bring these headlines to life. I.e. I don't understand things like the infatuation with guns, the wearing of national pride and political affiliation on the sleeve, and also the uncertainty of accessible healthcare.

Clearly, I have more research to do and I have a bit of fear around moving, but I thought I would post this out there for folks to comment on.

If anyone has made the move, your stories would be great to hear

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