TN status and offer for Promotion to Management

Hi r/immigration! I'm a Canadian Social Worker working in the US with TN status. I have been with the same employer in the US for nearly 6 years and have had 3 applications (1 renewal), all of which were approved. My employer is urging me to apply for a management position in our department. My social work training is required for the job, but I would also be managing other employees. This would be an excellent next step for my career, but my understanding is that under no circumstances can you manage other employees on a TN - is this true or are there exceptions? I am debating whether or not applying for this job is worth it for me. If a new TN is not an option for this job I presume that might mean having a discussion about H1-B sponsorship, but I know there are many challenges with obtaining H1-B visas as well and possible down sides for me switching. Any thoughts about my best course of action are appreciated.

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