Home address in DS-160 form, visitor visa

I have three options what to write as home address, do not know what to choose.
1) I am a Ukrainian national, living and working in London. I have documents about my ties to Ukraine and that I am registered at the exact address in Ukraine.
2) In London, I rent a room from a person I know (unofficially, there is no agreement, I just pay money to him). Currently, I added this address as my home address in the DS-160 form though I have no document proving I live here.
3) Also, there is a third address, a place where I lived previously in London and had a contract. This address appears on my payslips and in the letter from my employer confirming my employment. Also, I am registered with GP under this address. I did not change it because I do not have proof that I live under another address.

Will it be a problem that the employer letter and payslips contain one address, and the DS-160 form has another address? I was considering changing it to a Ukrainian address but there would be questions: how I can work and live in London not having an address here.
Is it a problem at all?

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