I would love to tell you about my case, I am a Palestinian male, my name is odai, 26 years old, live in Lebanon. In deep love with an amazing American man of 58 years old who lives in Miami Florida. We met on a same-sex dating app and after two months, he hopped on a plane to meet me. The moment i saw him we fell in love and his trip here was amazing. We shared lots of moments together and the 4 days he spent here were the best of my entire life. As you know, Lebanon is an Arab country and gay marriage is not acceptable. Even declaring you're gay might get you arrested or even killed. So, I was thinking of maybe getting an attorney to help me maybe get a fiancé visa to be with my lover forever. When he came here, we took lots of pictures together in many places, I have copies of most of the receipts , we have tons of WhatsApp love and caring messages, we video each other every day, his family and friends know about me as a boyfriend and his lover but my friends and family know him as a friend. This person is willing to come here every three to four months to see me, and my friends and family want to meet him and get to know him. He is starting a new job soon, after being retired from his old one, if that helps. Though, i am really panicking about two red flags: -the fact of our 32 years age gap. -The other fact, that he is married to a Venezuelan man who got to the states through a political asylum sice four years ( The marriage was based on true love) and he is now in the process of divorce for some details i don't have much information yet. I just want to know if we have hope to pass the fiancé visa interview with the proper documentation and filing with you of course, because i can't imagine myself living without him and those red flags are really stressing me out. We met on the gay dating app on August and he visited me in October if that helps, and coming again in February.

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