My K1 Visa Summary. Open to advise.

So I have just completed putting together the I129f and supporting documents.

(Met each other twice this year) I also lived with her in Brazil for last 4 months.

Below is everything I added.

  1. Filing Fee $535 personal check

  2. Passport style photos taken within 30 days of filing

  3. Form G-1145

  4. I-129, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e) and attached documents

  5. Proof of US Citizenship, Passport, and birth certificate (Passport also has my visa stamps)

  6. Statement of intent to marry from both petitioner and beneficiary

  7. Evidence and supporting documents for relationship and plans of marriage:

· Section 1: Flights (I dont have all boarding passes but i put multiple trips in)

· Section 2: Hotels and Airbnb’s (Put all hotels that we stayed together in)

· Section 3: Photos (around 25 photos, dates, locations, and summary for each)

· Section 4: Messages and call logs (whatsapp, instagram, and discord)

· Section 5: Family Photos (5 photos), Messages (two pages), Witness Declaration (mother)

· Section 6: Letters (One letter from each of us)

· Section 7: Receipts and Other Documents (everything from car rentals to amazon orders)

Any recommendations before I submit this packet?

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