Immigration Officers - Long visits under VWP while waiting for visa?

US Citizen here. My fiance quit her job (she hated it and can live with family) and is coming here so we can spend more time together and get married. We plan on applying for an CR1 Visa after getting married. Under the VWP she can't stay here over 90 days, so can she go back to her home country and come back for another long visit? I've heard the general rule is that she should stay out of the US for as long as she was in the US, but that it depends on the immigration officer.

- How strict are they at the LAX airport?

- Could proof of an IR1 Visa in progress sway an officer to convince him that she's not trying to come in and stay illegally?

- Has anyone tried this? Or are 3 month trips every 3 months the safest option while we wait for the visa?

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