B2 denied - worst interview experience

I had a very bad interview experience and the end result was a denied b2 visa. I'm aware I can apply again when my circumstances change, however I don't know what my circumstances are.

I was taken into an extra room, which felt like in a fbi questioning room - with the consular officers playing good cop, bad cop. The interview was normal, regular questions, and then the lady switched and said: "don't take it personal, we don't care what you do, but please tell us who you're working for" I sat there puzzled, because I really dont know what she was referring to. She kept repeating this.

Then at some point the guy, who was the bad cop, started questioning me about my Instagram account, how many followers I have, if I know them personally etc. asked me about what I post (I post myself mostly, typical "ig girl" but NOTHING inappropriate!), asked me why my profile is public etc.

Then the lady started asking me again, if I go out to clubs, I said yes, she asked if I go out with men, I said I have before. She went on to ask if I get paid for that or receive gifts, I said no I have never. She asked me if I have ever gone home with a man after the club, asked me if I'm on tinder... etc. Alot of questions that would imply that I'm selling myself or I'm a prostitute.

It was really, REALLY strange. I'm a teacher with a masters degree, a very good income, alot of savings, strong ties to my country and I do NOT sell myself. I was in a relationship up until recently. Then when I received my denial it says I was denied based on section 214b which says "no ties to your home country" However, they did not even LOOK at none of my documents but kept asking me "who I'm working for".

Please help? Any advice?

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