Waiting for h1b visa from Frankfurt consulate, worried about new travel ban

I imagine that we’re all in the dark here, but I figured I’d ask anyway: does anyone know whether visas will continue to be issued in countries affected by this latest travel ban?

Here’s why I’m asking. My partner (who has had h1b status since summer 2020 but who doesn’t yet have his actual visa) had to leave the United States in January 2021 to go to the Netherlands take care of his seriously ill father. Since then, he has been unable to return. He was able to get a visa interview in Spring 2021 in Frankfurt, and was told that he’d be eligible for a visa once the travel ban was lifted. He sent in his passport to the consulate about two weeks ago and is waiting for the visa to be issued.

I’m worried now that if Biden extends the ban to Europe, we’ll be left in the same situation we’ve been in all year: no visa and no way for him to get home to the states.

Does anyone have any sense of how realistic this worry is? Sorry for any incoherence—it’s been a long year.

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