I-693 missing after being sent by hospital? Please advise

Hi there.

Went for my interview last Monday (Nov 22nd, Dublin Ireland). Interviewer told my family and i that our green cards were approved pending the receipt of my mothers medical.

We were happy at the time as we didn’t think it would be a big issue to remedy. All of our Medicals were performed November 4th and sent electronically the day after. My brother and sister and I’s medicals were received by the embassy, but my moms was not. The embassy gave very little information other than the fact that there is a technical issue with the CDC in ATL, Georgia (???).

What I don’t understand is how my siblings and I’s medicals were received by the embassy but my moms were not. They were all performed at the same time by the same doctor. We are currently stuck outside the US (where I attend university and my brother and sister attend high school) due to this issue. I stand to miss my final exams if this issue persists.

Our immigration lawyer offered little advice and told us that this may not be cleared up for a while.

We reached out to the hospital where the medical was performed and they told us that they cannot resend the medical, as it is in the hands of the United States at the moment. We also cannot turn in a physical copy of the medical, as the embassy has told us we cannot.

Has anyone experienced the same issue? I am at a complete loss. This process has been so long and difficult - when we finally feel like we have won there is another issue in the way. Does anyone have any advice or know what this could be about?

Thank you in advance for your help, I am at a loss of what this could be and cannot find any other information online.

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