The customs officer wrote "LIMITED STAY" in my passport

I just arrived to the US. I am Latino coming to Maryland thru Houston (IAH). They took me to the customs office for like 30 minutes. They asked me up to when will I be staying and I told them 5 months (which was true), after the common questions of food and USD 10k in cash, they gave me my passport with "Limited Stay" (wrote with a pen, its not a stamp, I got a common "ADMITTED" stamp) and wrote a departure date for a month from my entrance. I may need to come back by august/october but I don't know if this might hinder my future entrance (whenever it may be).

In random Q&As online they say that I shouldn't come to the US for at least 4-6 months and if I do, they may cancel my visa or inspect my electronic devices. What should I do?? Should I be worried about this?? Will the CBR officer watch my roblox p0rn?? Thanks for the help!!

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